Tacoma Diamond Axle Housing Upgrade 05+ BOLT IN

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Diamond Axle BOLT IN upgrade for your 05+Tacoma rear axle! 

Stronger housing, and drop in for your bent, cracked, rusty rear axle!



-Big 3.5" .375"wall DOM axle tubes, handle weight and punishment with ease. Stock axle tubing is about 1/2 the thickness!

-Retain your existing diff, gears and locker!

-Drive shaft bolts up directly, same length, and angle as with the 8" diff!

-Retains OEM width, using oem axle shafts, or upgrade to aftermarket axle shafts

-Retains OEM wheel bearings, sensors to keep ABS, ATRAC, speedometer, etc all working just the same

-Brake line and Wheel sensor wires bolt and clip to provided mounting locations


-8" Electric locker, and 8.4" diff options!