10.5" Diamond Axle housing Builder style

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10.5" Diamond Axle housing

3.5" 3/8"(.375') wall DOM tubing

67+" end to end


About the diff that would go into this housing:

These 10.5" diffs are found in 2007+5.7 engine equipped, Tundra rear axles

Ring gear measures 10.5" on the OD, and is the same diameter as the old GM 14bolt, these things are big!  

Gear ratios made for these diffs include 4.10, 4.30, 4.88 and 5.29

Shaft size was 36 spline, with 1.460" diameter.  And while smaller than 1.5"/35 spline, the root diameter is effectively the same, yeilding the same strength as the domestic common 35 spline. This is because the 36 spline is a 45 degree pressure angle, vs the 30 degree pressure angle of the 35 spline.  To put simply, the splines on 35 spline are cut further in, depper into the shaft than the 36 spline is.

Ready for fabricators to install any different ends on. Toyota knuckle balls, Dana 44, 60 knuckles, Full Float flanges, semi float ends, Portals, etc!