Tacoma and 4Runner Steering Box Mount and Frame Plate Kit

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Our Tacoma and 4Runner Steering Box Mount and Frame Plate Kit is now ready for you! These 4 plates turn your frame from a crumple zone into a rock solid platform to mount leaf springs and a steering box to! Our plates are not flimsy pieces of tin. We plate both sides of both frame rails from your motor mounts forward. Our outer plates are hefty 3/16" thick, and our inner plates are 1/8" thick plates. These are all laser cut for a perfect fit. We incorporated 3 holes, bolts, and sleeves into our kit to mount your '86-'95 steering box to turn your new axle as well. Our sleeves are DOM steel for a precise fit to the supplied hardened bolts.

Install is easy. Just line up your plates just behind the front body mounts. Then "mock up" your steering box with pitman arm, and ensure adaquate frame to pitman arm clearance, and weld the plates on. Sleeve the steering box holes, mount the box, and weld the sleeves to the frame plate. You'll now have an unyeilding frame, ready to handle the weight and strain of springs and steering. Setup your Tacoma and 4Runner frame today!