T-Case Crossmember, Gear Drive Toyota case, RF1A

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The Front Range Off-Road Fabrication Crossmember is a great solution for many problems plaguing Toyota Trucks and 4runners. By mounting from the back side of the transfer case, driveshaft interference with the front drive shaft (on dual case equipped trucks) is eliminated. It also allows positioning of the transfer case in the optimum spot depending on your specific needs, by allowing you to easily raise or lower the transfer case. On motor swaps, the t-case may be relocated front to rear as needed. When the FROR Crossmember is combined with the FROR Skidplate, ground clearance gains of over 3" can be obtained without relocating the transfer case.

These are designed for ingle or dual transfer case setups, using the right/passenger drop tranfers case, RF1A model.  These are gear driven found in 79-95 trucks and 4Runners with 4 cylinder engines.  There are some of these equiped with chain case, easy to check. We use the case with 7 bots on the back of the case, where the chain cases only have 5 bolts.

The FROR crossmember was designed for extreme use, constructed primarily of 3/8" steel plate, with 1/2" bolts securing the Crossmember to the frame. Our mounting design helps to control the drivetrain, and helps save to motor mounts as well. It is mounted on soft polyurethane bushings tucked up inside the frame rails to cushion vibrations from the frame and the driver. With the Skidplate in place, it can take incredible impacts, without crumpling like the stock crossmember. Also, by eliminating the bolts and brackets from the bottom side of the frame, sliding over large obstacles is much easier.

NEW BUSHINGS! NEW BUSHINGS! We have changed the bushings we supply with our crossmembers! We are no longer supplying the rubber bushings. ALL of our crossmembers now feature polyurethane bushings! These new bushings are softer, offering more dampening than the rubber bushings. Polyurethane won't rot from oil and grease, are long-lasting and also a direct replacement for the rubber bushings.

So now the question is: Why bother with a "replacement" crossmember? The answer is simple. The factory toyota crossmember mount does not hold up to the added torque and abuse that is created when running single or dual transfer cases in extreme off-road conditions. Our FROR Crossmember gives you MORE clearance, NEW bushings, NEW hardware, and WAY more strength! Compare ours to the competition, and enjoy the trail more, as you go farther with Front Range Off-Road!

We have phased out powder coating on these, they will be shipped in a bare steel finish.


  • Crossmember made from 3/8" plate steel.
  • Weld-on frame mount brackets.
  • Hardware to mount the Crossmember to the transfer case.
  • Hardware for bolting the Crossmember to the frame through the bushings.
  • 4 Polyurethane bushings
  • Crossmember width - 35". Fits frame rails with inside width of 36" - 37".


Q: How difficult is it to install the Crossmember?
A: The hardest part is to located the transfer case where you would like it. Many people leave it in the stock location. Leaving it in the stock place, all you do is assemble the crossmember, bolt it to the transfer case, weld the brackets to the frame, and take off you old crossmember. If you do move the case, make sure there is enough room around it to allow for some drivetrain movement without contacting the body. Installation may require exhaust modifications.

Q: Can I install a Crossmember with a single/dual transfer case?
A: The crossmember fits either application. We do not have one available for IFS trucks yet, because of the torsion bar mounts. Likewise, on vehicles that have eliminated the torsion bars, the mounts must be cut off the frame on both sides to install the Crossmember.

Q: Does the Crossmember fit my transfer case?
A: The Crossmember fits all 4 cylinder gear driven cases. It does not fit V6 or Automatic transfer cases.


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  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Jeremy Brown on 4th Apr 2023

    Bolted right up to my tcase, it’s honestly the best way to mount the tcases that I’ve found. It works great and looks good. I’m using it in a Suzuki samurai, so I had to cut it down to fit into the smaller frame.

  • 5
    Awesome product and good quality perfect fit for my 84 runner

    Posted by Levi loewen on 1st Mar 2023

    Awesome product

  • 5
    Awesome construction and exactly what I needed

    Posted by Unknown on 4th Jun 2022

    The cross member is really sturdy and well constructed, made switching t cases for my SAS a breeze.