FJ80 High Steer Knuckle Kit

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Front Range Offroad is pleased to offer our new Land Cruiser FJ80 High Steer kit! Including NEW casting FJ80 steering knuckles, with extra material over stock knuckles. Specifically added around the top of the knuckles, to allow more than just more bolt holes, for a Steering arm to attached. BUT, the BIG deal here, is the fact that the Knuckle and Steering arms are Keyed, to allowed the 2 pieces to index into each other! This puts the majority of the steering loads transferring straight from arm DIRECTLY to the knuckle, reducing load on the steering studs, and making these the STRONGEST steering system for the Land Cruiser! Since there is still some load on the steering studs, the kit is supplied with a set or our black ARP steering knuckle studs!

Kit includes:

-NEW casting FJ80 steering knuckles, KEYED with extra material over stock knuckles

- 8 ARP steering knuckle studs and high grade locking nuts

-KEYED pair of High Steer arms, with pins for OEM size 20mm bearings

-Bottom trunnions caps, with pins pressed for OEM size 20mm bearings

-Shim selection to shim for bearing preload


Also for 79 series Land Cruiser and 76 series Land Cruiser. Large Knuckle ball axles

These do require changes to stock suspension/steering to be installed