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Diamond Axle drive flanges!


Diamond, the axle line of Front Range Off-Road, is proud to release their Toyota Drive Flanges! These units are CNC machined in the USA, from 4340 chrome-moly, and then heat treated for unparalleled strength. Like OEM units, these are drilled for the factory 7mm dowel pins, so you do not need to drill your hubs. Should you want to add more pins, 6 pin holes are provided. Diamond knows you don’t like beating your parts with hammers, so 2, 8mm threaded holes are provided to push the flanges and associated cones washers off smoothly and easily! Diamond wanted a secure and weatherproof cap, so aluminum caps were machined to seal up repeatedly with an o-ring, black anodized, and secured with stainless bolts! Every upgrade imaginable was made on these flanges, to ensure easy servicing of your hubs was possible, and the strongest flanges for your axles to engage into! Naturally these are available as a set with our legendary ARP Hub Studs as well!

Steering knuckle machined

Toyota steering knuckle machined to accept new keyed steering arms.  #‎frontrangeoffroad‬‪#‎strongesttoyotasteering‬

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Keyed steering arms installed

Clearance for massive leaf pack!  #‎frontrangeoffroad‬‪#‎strongesttoyotasteering‬

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Keyed steering arm

Fitting keyed steering arm over machined steering knuckle.

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Keyed Steering Arms

Difference between the Tall Boy arms and "regular" height Toyota High Steer arms. And the small cut needed to make the Keyed magic work. Last pic is a customerssetup with Regular arms at ride height, not enough room. Just turning causes contact between spring and tierod. Tall Boy's fixed it all! ‪#‎frontrangeoffroad‬‪#‎strongesttoyotasteering‬

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Twin Stick shifter

Jewelry time, love making these! History, we've been making Toyota Twin-sticks for longer than anyone else, with a system that never wears out or gets sloppy! No pins it screws to fall into your tcase here! Just billet chrome-moly, and heat treated to last forever!#frontrangeoffroad

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